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Institute for the Cycles of Life, LLC 

Deb Torres, LCSW


Deb Torres has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) for 36 years.  She has worked in a variety of clinical settings: child and adolescent mental health centers, VA inpatient psychiatric units, Adult Protective Services, hospital settings, and in the field of hospice.

Deb values life and has dedicated her career to bringing babies into the world as a birth doula and helping people leave in a gracious manner at the end of life as a facilitator of final wishes.  Her years of experience as a social worker have given her a breadth of understanding about the “elephant” in our society regarding delicate topics as birthing and dying.  She is passionate about creating conversations within families wrestling with the emotional end of life options, medical illness, and respecting parents’ choices as they age with dignity. 

Meet the Team

"She has a naturally warm personality and exhibits a high degree of empathy. This was our first child. Labor and delivery went very smoothly without any complications. Deb's experience and coaching certainly helped to ease my anxiety and pain. We are very grateful. Our son is doing very well."

~Elizabeth & Steve


"Debra is very skilled and knowledgeable social worker - working mainly in our fast paced observation and general medical units. She was instrumental in developing discharge plans for patience with substance abuse, mental illness, complex family dynamics, self-pay, and under resourced or undocumented patients. She was able to find the resources needed for these difficult discharges in a timely and efficient manner. Debra gained trust through her kind and gentle, yet firm demeanor.

~Jean RN, BSN


"Deb Torres is extraordinary! I have used her health care consulting services for just under 5 years. I text a request for a telephone appointment and the call is immediately scheduled. She gives me a strategy to get what my loved one needs. For example, I have had a typed presentations organizing Deb’s ideas and I have gotten what my loved one needed and even more! Personally Deb has released my personal stress and helped me to appropriately respond to my loved one. Her solutions work! I would highly recommend her services."



Deb Torres

Founder & Clinician


Abby Torres

Social Media Coordinator & Administrator


Patty Shutt

Medical Billing Admin

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