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Institute for the Cycles of Life, LLC 

Deb Torres, LCSW

My Approach

A primary goal for me in working with any client is to establish trust early on in our relationship.  I believe honesty, authenticity, and open communication is critical to working together successfully. My role is one of support and guidance in partnership with the medical professionals.  Various forms of communication tools will be used to meet your needs.  I provide one on one meetings in person as well as phone calls.  The length of time of the these meetings varies from 1-3 hours, dependent upon you and your family's need.  I can be reached through email, text,  Zoom, Facetime, or Skype as well.  


During the session a client participates in, there is honest communication that is shared.  The information shared is confidential.  However, I am mandated reporter for Illinois, and for situations that are a danger to others, danger to themselves or grave disability I must report them to the local authorities.


As an LCSW, I actively listen to clients and offer guidance, coaching and support.


I provide opportunities for individuals and families to share their "voice/s" in a safe and non-judgmental environment.


I have various office hours to provide services and support in the community. Evening and weekend hours are available, if an appointment is made. 

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