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Institute for the Cycles of Life, LLC 

Deb Torres, LCSW

Geriatric Care Manager & Facilitator of Final Wishes FAQ

What is a POA?

POA stands for powers of attorney. There are two types of power of attorney: for health care decisions and for financial decisions. If you have a POA you are appointing someone responsibility to assist with major life decisions when and if you are unable to do so. 

What is DNR?

A DNR, also known as a Do Not Resuscitate, is a form that expresses someones wishes. DNR addresses issues as feeding tubes, intubation, extubation, and code status.

What is the difference between IL, AL, and SNF?

IL stands for independent living, AL refers to assisted living, and SNL stands for skilled nursing facility. These are various levels of medical care. 

Observation vs Inpatient 

Often times when someone goes into the hospital, they will start in the ED (Emergency Department) and then move into the MOU (Medical Observation Unit) and then if the patient meets medical criteria they can be moved to an inpatient bed on the medical floor.

How do I convince my parents?

Vey carefully. Part of my role as a social worker is to walk families through they maze of "help" and what it means, literally and financially. In my experience I have found the "drip feed method" to be really beneficial with the elderly. The elderly need to be able to continue to make as many choices as they can as they get older, with consequences that are safe.  Safety is the primary goal.

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