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Institute for the Cycles of Life, LLC 

Deb Torres, LCSW

Geriatric Case Manager
A care manager is a person who has a hands-on role during a medical journey for a client.  I assist patients and/or families step by step through this process.  I interface with the multi-disciplinary team in a hospital setting, home, or hospice care center.  If a client is in a community, the family would remain the primary contact, however, I am available to be the main contact from the facility to the family if that would be preferred by the family and client.
As a care manager, I drive patients to doctors appointments, provide support to them during their doctors visits, provide the clinical documentation to the heath care providers from their facility and answer questions about their medical history if there is memory impairment.  I am a contact person if the person is in AL, SNF or if the family is out of town.
I am a private advocate who's primary goal is to walk your family through a most difficult time can be the difference between feeling confused and unsure versus being able to remain calm when coming to terms with the life cycle. As a  geriatric care manager, I walk families through these details and conversations.
I know you don't me personally, see below what previous clients have stated.


  • $150 per hour
  •  Phone consultations are also available.
  • Hourly rate does not include travel expenses

"Debra is very skilled and knowledgeable social worker - working mainly in our fast paced observation and general medical units. She was instrumental in developing discharge plans for patience with substance abuse, mental illness, complex family dynamics, self-pay, and under resourced or undocumented patients. She was able to find the resources needed for these difficult discharges in a timely and efficient manner. Debra gained trust through her kind and gentle, yet firm demeanor. She was a strong team player with good communication skills. She provided patients with social work resources and educated the patient and case managers of the patient's options according to their financial ability. Her robust knowledge of patient resources made her one of our primary members for social work students."

"I have no doubt that Debra would be a valuable asset to your community and I give my highest recommendation."

~ Jean RN, BSN

"Debra is a highly skilled and experienced clinical social worker with whom I have had the pleasure to work closely for two years."

"I have witnessed many strengths she employs in her work including the ability to share difficult information with patients/clients in a straight-forward yet compassionate and sensitive manner. Her advocacy for patient and client needs are powerful. She works very well in a team setting and establishes collaborative and trustful relationships with her colleagues. She easily gains the respect of those with whom she works. She takes her work seriously, and not herself, so she practices with a grace and ease that makes her effective in any challenging setting."

"She experienced a sudden change in her work situation when the hospital for which she worked announced a reduction in force that threw Debra and her social work colleagues into very stressful and difficult circumstances. Throughout that time Debra provided leadership, counsel and valuable friendship to her fellow social workers. She maintained her professionalism and advocated well for her own value as a strongly competent and skilled clinician."

"Deb is mature, flexible, deeply grounded and nourished by a strong spirit. She is a very valuable asset to any organization and team."

"I highly recommend Debra for your serious consideration."

~ Catherine, LCSW

"Thanks so much, Deb for the superb care and case management of our mom during her time in Evanston, IL. With both my sister and me far away, we could not have managed her day to day over site without your help. We also appreciated your help as we transitioned her out of the area. You've have been a great asset to our team!!!!! I would highly recommend your services to others in our situation!!"

~ Judy

"Deb has been a Godsend in navigating and planning the care for my elderly mother. She has a wealth of experience and offers wonderful guidance. She is warm, caring, and patient. She will answer any and all questions honestly and with compassion. She even answers the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask! She shares her vast experience in a gentle, kind way. She is so warm and friendly that I felt like I’d known her forever. She really knows the ins and outs of all facets of elder care. I would recommend Deb to everyone! I cannot say enough positive things about her."

~ Debbie

"Deb with The Institute for the Cycles of Life provided several detailed, engaging and incredibly informative training seminars for our caregivers and CNAs. As a Home Care Agency, we employ caregivers to take care of seniors in their homes. We deal with very difficult, demanding and complicated family situations. Deb was able to put together a thorough presentation that addressed many of our challenges we face day in and day out. Deb’s expertise and professionalism was absolutely top notch – she brought many great ideas to our team which have already been implemented. Each presentation Deb hosted was concise, clear and invaluable. We can’t wait to have Deb come in and lead more thought leadership sessions and seminars to with our company. We are beyond grateful to have Deb’s professional guidance."

~ Becky

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