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Deb Torres, LCSW


Deb Torres

Deb is passionate about education, healthcare, and people. She is thankful for the opportunities to speak in the community about healthcare. When people come together and learn from each other from their personal experiences, is one of her greatest joys.

In 2017, when ICOL was formed, Deb's vision was to bring people into the world and leave the world with grace, integrity, and honesty. She learned that there is tremendous power when others come together to assist each other in life.

Deb has been married to a wonderful man, for the last 28 years.  They have two beautiful and amazing daughters, 21 and 19 years old.  She enjoys being outside, camping, walking, traveling and her favorite food is Thai curry.

Deb currently resides in the Chicago land area.

Deb Torres, LCSW
Institute for the Cycles of Life, LLC
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